NEXT MEETING:  TUESDAY, December 5th, 2023 at 9:00 AM


December meeting will be a ZOOM MEETING on Tuesday, Dec 5. Zoom link will be sent a few days ahead.

The topic for this meeting will be processing member images, with 3 different approaches for each image. 5-10 images of different genres will be selected and each processed by 3 different people, independently, before the meeting. At the meeting, we’ll look at how each person processed the first image, rotating between presenters, then move on to the second image etc. Questions, inputs and comments along the way are encouraged.

The objective is to see different approaches, different software, hopefully also some use of the newest tools.

Please send 1 or 2 i mages you'd like to have worked on to Cindy at clmarple90@gmail.comno later than Saturday, Dec 2 (end of day) so that we have time to do the pre-work. Image format should be either RAW or high-res TIFF for the best results. is a great tool to use to send these large files. It's free and easy to use.